The Day After….

The day after Christmas the house is an awful mess. But it is the kind of mess that brings a smile to your face. Bits of wrapping and ribbon paper peek out from under the couch. Leftover desserts covered in plastic wrap on the dining room table, and gifts yet to be delivered tower in designated areas around the house.

But like most, we spent way too much money on gifts. This Christmas season, Americans spent over $150 billion, which is equivalent to $500 for every man, woman and child. The joy that you remember has everything to do with the time you spent with the people you love, and much less on the gifts you exchanged.

Here is my favorite question, but it isn’t one you can ask right now, while the presents are new; wait a few weeks, and then ask your children to share their best memory. It is unlikely the memory will ever be something you bought, but rather time you spent with them.

Luckily, we are right around the corner of the New Year, where our resolutions can give us a fresh start and an opportunity to make positive changes.

What your children really need are parents.

Parenting Rules to Live By

• Be the parent.
• Ask the right questions, and really listen to the answers.
• Don’t follow the crowd. Best practices work only if they are your best practices.
• Don’t make promises you can’t keep.
• Mistakes are valuable learning experiences, if you’re smart enough to learn from them.
• The less time and money you have, the more carefully you spend what you do have.
• Model the behavior you want to see.
• Do you really need rules to do the right thing?
• Everyone likes attention, especially the good kind.
• Nobody likes a whiner.
• If you want to understand someone else’s position, put yourself in her shoes.
• Always find time to play.

To get your copy of these rules click here

Adapted from:
Because Kids Don’t Come With Manuals®

Good Parenting Publishing ISBN 0-9776040-0-4


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