Oprah’s Dreamgirls

It’s absurd that an incredible act of generosity must be defended, as in the case of the Oprah Winfrey’s Leadership Academy for Girls. People are asking why $40 million dollars was spent in Africa, and not on urban schools in America.

Bravo Oprah for making a dramatic and significant change to the lives of 150 young girls who could not possibly have a chance to make anything out of their lives.

If the critics feel so strongly about caring for children in the U.S. here is a way they can help. The Warren Featherbone Foundation has conceived the 401P or Personal Philanthropy Accounts. Much like a 401K which is a pre-tax, employer matched retirement savings program, the 401P is a pre-tax, employer matched method of Democratizing Philanthropy.

Your family gets to choose which non-profit organizations will get your donation. Congress is now considering legislation to amend the tax code to allow the creation of Personal Philanthropy Accounts. Learn more about bill HR 2534 introduced by Congressman Nathan Deal of Georgia, and encourage your elected officials to pass this important legislation.

More importantly, think how beneficial this could be to your family. No longer are foundations, and charitable giving tax deductions limited to the wealthy. Your children can learn how to give to charities, causes and non-profit organizations that you and your family believe in, where ever they are.


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