Teen Driving

Baby on Board
We move from the “Caution – Baby on Board” window decals, quickly graduate to proudly displaying our children’s sports team decals, and onto “Proud Parent of an Honor Student” bumper stickers.

In the blink of an eye, our children take the wheel and we move from driver (actually chauffer) to the passenger seat; the scariest seat on earth when your teen becomes the driver. Even more frightening are the statistics and stories of accidents and fatalities with this age group. Do any of us listen to the incredibly alarming statistics? Certainly not teenagers.

A parent, unlike any other job, has a responsibility to work ourselves out of a job. Our goal is to raise happy, healthy, independent, well-adjusted children that contribute to society. That means that we won’t chauffer them around forever. At some point, they will be taking the wheel. The best thing we can and must do, is to prepare them, and learn more yourself.

Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety provide an explanation of the graduated licensing system, and a link to your state’s safety state law chart. That includes not only graduated licensese, but also where you state weighs in on booster seat and safety belt laws.

Remember, it isn’t just our teen driver at risk, it is other drivers, children riding bikes, dog walkers, moms with babies in strollers. Teen driving is more than a parent/teen concern, it affects the whole community.

Visit Parental Wisdom and click on Free Reports to see a template of a Safe Driving Contract. There is an editable version and a PDF (print) version. Make it your own, but most importantly, take the time to talk with your child about the rules (your rules) on the road.

Have a safe trip!


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