New Jersey and You – Perfect Together??

Remember that great ad campaign? NJ and you, perfect together.

Well, if the NJ Paid Family Leave act passes, it might be. The problem is that some businesses are trying to block this important legislation that can be enormously beneficial to families.

I received a letter from a NJ law firm suggesting that [business people like yourselves make your views know that ill-conceived legislation such as this can be defeated.]

Fortunately, there are organizations such as ‘NJ Time to Care’ that provide information and facts that explain this legislation. Please click on their site link and fast facts so you can be informed.

Listen to a broadcast by the American Public Media explaining why this is so important, as if you don’t already know. Families that have been in situations where family illness, childbirth or adoption requires time off, know what a tremendous difference it would make to have paid leave.

For those that worry this law will make NJ businesses less competitive; it won’t. New Jersey is presently the 48th worst ‘business friendly’ state. The success of a businesses is dependent on sound leadership. Taking care of NJ families will make our families stronger, businesses stronger, and NJ workers loyal.

Sounds like a win-win.

Finally, let your legislators know how important this law is to your family, post a comment to let other readers know what you think, and be sure to tell your friends.


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  1. Margarita said

    I already wrote a long and descriptive letter to my local legislators urging them to show vision and leadership by supporting this bill. NJ state maybe on of the worst business friendly states but the U.S. is one of the worst family friendly countries in regards to supporting family leave.

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