Ferris Bueller – Big Brother is watching


Ferris Bueller, the hooky-playing high school student who took his friends joy riding around Chicago in a Ferrari wouldn’t be very happy about the new drive cam.

As a mother of two relatively new drivers – I am thrilled. In earlier posts to this blog I wrote that the most frightening seat in the world is you in the passenger seat of your teen driver. Even more frightening is when they drive away with you peeking through the front curtains, holding your breath.

American Family Insurance, a Midwest insurance company has come up with a terrific proactive approach to prevent the number of accidents by teen drivers. Customers with teenage children in Indiana, Minnesota and Wisconsin can request that the system be installed in their cars, free of charge. Parents will receive regular reports on incidents that trigger a recording, which they can then review with their kids.

The system, made by DriveCam Inc. is the latest in a line of tools that can help parents track their teenagers’ behavior. For example, global-positioning equipment can alert parents if a car leaves a certain area. Other devices can reveal driver behavior in general. Black boxes, now standard in many new vehicles, can capture data such as how fast a car is moving. To read the full article, click here.

That system is now only available to American Family Insurance members; however, they do have a request for teen driver program info when it becomes available in July 2007.

For now, start a conversation with your teen about dangerous driving. Here is a terrific video which can serve as a conversation starter included in my January 30th blog entitled “When Peer Pressure is a Good Thing.”

Not only will Ferris Bueller be unhappy about this, but so will my hair colorist. Grey hair is a by product of having a teen driver.


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