Woody Allen said “80% Of Success Is Showing Up”


This weekend, I presented a workshop at the New York City Elementary Schools Principals Association (NYCESPA) on bridging the gap between math and home. The audience included principals and parents who understood the value of working together. If you would like to get the program notes, please visit http://www.parentalwisdom.com click on Free Reports and choose Bridging the Gap between Math and Home.

Although well-intentioned, the No Child Left Behind act did indeed leave someone behind – the parents. Much like a three-legged stool relies on each leg for support, the Ready – Fire – Aim execution of the NCLB act didn’t quite understand the importance of getting parents involved.

Clearly we have a problem with our education system. Last week Bill Gates said, “We simply cannot sustain an economy based on innovation unless citizens are educated in math, science and engineering.”

Exxon Mobil Corp. is launching a national program aimed at improving the way math and science are taught in U.S. schools and getting more students to take challenging coursework.

But in the midst of all this focus and excitement, we have added a layer of lunacy – paying students for AP courses. On the Today Show, experts weighed in on the reasons behind it. Please watch the video for yourself, but the Woody Allen quote as the heading for this blog entry applies here.

Please stop the madness. It is a privilege to learn, and our children should enjoy learning for the beauty of it.


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