What is Real Talent Worth?


A woman was strolling along a street in Paris when she spotted Picasso sketching at a sidewalk café. She asked if he might sketch her and charge accordingly.

Picasso obliged, and in just minutes, there she was, an original Picasso. “And what do I owe you?” she asked. “Five thousand Francs,” he answered. “What! It took you only minutes,” she politely reminded him. “No,” Picasso replied, “it took me all my life.”

Think about what real talent is worth to you, whether you were in need of a mechanic, a lawyer or a new hairstyle. What role did time play in the successful completion of the task – not much.

Why do we judge the value of a person by the concept of time? I have worked with many technical folks who with great effort would pour over a problem for days, but were not able to complete the task. Yet another technical person will come over and in minutes immediately and permanently fix the problem. Then why do we value time?

Recent articles and news programs talk about ‘Mommy Guilt’. Today’s moms are actually spending more time with their children, yet feel guiltier than their mothers. Guilt seems to be a natural byproduct of giving birth. You know how a turkey comes with a gravy packet? I have to believe that as we’re excitedly looking over our brand new baby, a ‘guilt’ packet is inserted into mothers. How else can you how these overwhelming pangs of guilt take over?

Here is a solution to the problem which seems to trouble working mothers much more. Employers need to create programs that allow working parents to have flexible hours by realizing it is about the work that needs to get done, not the ‘face time’ in the office.

Today is a good day to start a revolution.

Visit the following sites to learn more…

Work Options

Jobs and Moms Career Center

Handbook on Alternative Work Schedules

Moms Rising


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