Parents – The Perfect Educational Toy


Play is the highest form of research.
-Albert Einstein, German-American physicist 1879-1945

How do you build a brighter baby? Recent studies show that it isn’t necessarily done by sitting them in front of CDs and DVDs that promise to make them smarter.

I have often questioned the notion about these educational products and found a major flaw. Don’t most parents know their colors, letters and numbers? If as I suspect they do, then can’t parents teach their children what the educational products promise?

The underlying message to our children is this device (TV, DVD player, etc.) is where you will learn; it is the authority. That is fine and safe when we’re talking about learning our colors, letters, and numbers, but jump ahead a few years when the information presented is questionable. “But mom and dad, you told me this was where I get my information from!”

Do children learn through play – absolutely! But watching a DVD is exactly the opposite of the kind of play they should be doing. The best toys are the simplest toys like blocks and those that inspire creative play. Electronic toys that seem to offer the most stimulation are actually the least effective for doing what parents want most – to raise a thinking child.

No harm comes from putting your child in front of these educational products but there has been no evidence that any good comes from them either. I’ve always been strangely uneasy about these educational DVDs, and recently read Your Children Are Under Attack by Dr. Jim Taylor. In one statement he clarified my fears. [Even good media can be bad as it can make your child an observer rather than a participant.] It is almost like saying to a parent would you like to raise a leader or a follower?

The very best educational toy has always been there, right under your nose – it’s you!

Play with your children.


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  1. Sandra McCarthy said

    My grandma was right when she would raise an eyebrow about lots of gifts or things, at holidays… saying they would get more out of the box… how right she was… if new shoes come into the home for anyone it’s all about who gets the box, my children are 11 & 13, lol. There are so many opportunities that are only limited by your own imagination and when you take that time to engage your children, you may be amazed just how rewarding it is, its a win, win situation.

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