Elvis Presley, Socrates and Parenting


Welcome to the very first Parental Wisdom daily inspirational call.

Let’s step back in time. It’s Sunday evening, September 9th, 1956. 60 million viewers representing 82.6% of the television viewing audience, the largest in history are tuned in to watch the very young, very handsome, Elvis Presley gyrate across the small screen.

I would imagine that the topic of discussion over the back fences of America that next day were largely centered around a great concern that the nation’s teenagers were headed down the road of moral decay because of this new rock music. What were these parents going to do? What I wouldn’t give to have that as our biggest problem today!

Every generation of parents believes that they have a more difficult time that the generation of parents that went before them. If perception is reality, than this is true. But to be fair, I’d like to share something,

“Children today love luxury too much. They have terrible manners, flaunt authority, and have no respect for their elders. They no longer rise when their parents or teachers enter the room. What kind of awful creatures will they become when they grow up?”

Socrates 400 BC

Perhaps the more things change, the more they stay the same. But in terms of parenting, can anybody have children? Perhaps there should be some qualifiers Here are a few things to think about before having children.

Would you want to have you as a parent?
Do you treat the people that matter in your life as well as you should?
Do you believe it is your job as a parent to tell a child what to think or how to think?

For the complete list of 10 Things to Consider Before Having Children visit Parental Wisdom and click on Free Reports where you can print out your own copy.

A special thanks to Dr. Rob Gilbert, professor at Montclair State University in NJ and the inspiration behind this concept.


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