Seeing the good news out of the bad news on toy recalls


Bob Eckert, Chairman & CEO of Mattel, Inc. presents a video explanation on the product recall that has many parents concerned. I am happy that Mattel is proactive in this approach but there is something good that can come from this bad news; less toys.

Too many toys

Take a moment to look around your child’s playroom. How many toys does your child have? Too many? Cleaning out toys has a similar effect to a power outage. We gain a new perspective on communicating and connecting with the people we love. For our children, they get to see old toys in a new light.


The toys that were part of the recall were licensed products; Barbie, Elmo, Big Bird, Batman, Doggie Day Care, Cars. Licensed products give our children the whole story rather than allowing them to create original stories themselves. If a child shows the slightest interest in a character, parents plan theme birthday parties, furnish bedrooms and buy school supplies around the licensed character. The child quickly looses interest, but the parent is too far invested.

Made in America

Made in America will mean something again in the world of toys although there aren’t many that fit into this category. Little Tykes is a brand that is made in the USA, but they could do better in promoting that. You can also review a made in USA link.

Children will get outside and play
. Wouldn’t that be a wonderful thing?


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