How to raise your baby

Parents have been bombarded with various advice on how to raise children. A fascinating study is underway in the UK which takes three families and three totally different strategies on how to raise a baby. The question – who is right, and what is the best way to bring up a baby?

As you can guess, not everyone agrees, and in fact there are heated arguments between the mentors who are set to live with the families as the parents ‘learn’ a certain method.

The three philosphies followed were from the 1950’s, 1960’s and 1970’s:

The 1950s:
Dr Frederic Truby King’s Strict Routine method was a one size fits all method where the baby sleep in his own room from day one and contact between the baby and caregive was limited to 10 minutes of cuddling each day.

The 1960’s:
Dr Benjamin Spock’s Baby and Childcare method followed the exactly opposite belief that every baby was different, but all should be given plenty of attention.

The 1970s:
Jean Liedloff’s Continuum Concept method follows an attachment parenting method where bottle feeding is not seen as an option, babies are held in a sling for the first six months and babies sleep with their parents.

Fascinating video – please take a look. This is exactly why Parental Wisdom was created. So parents can combine their instincts with expert advice and choose what will work best for their children.


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