Defining your Family Culture


Here all mankind is equal: rich and poor alike. They love their children.


When you were growing up, there were different kinds of families. Did you ever wonder how they got that way? Somebody defined them.

Now, you are the grown up and you get to set the stage. Think of your home as your castle, where members of the family feel loved, safe, and unafraid of making mistakes. When family members do something that is not acceptable, they will know that at home they are loved, but that the negative behavior needs to change as it compromises the home environment and everyone in it.

One of the most powerful things you can do is to create a family culture, which defines your family as something unique.

Creating a Family Culture

Define your family. Even create a mission statement. Example: “Our home is a safe haven where family members are loved unconditionally and encouraged to pursue their own passion.”
• Have one message. Despite different parenting styles; have a single voice.
• Treat your family as you would company. Why wait to put out the good dishes and fancy tablecloth?
• Establish meaningful and even silly traditions. When they grow up, children will remember that snow days always meant hot chocolate.
• Have fun. Did you ever notice kids don’t have to be told to dance on the bubble wrap?
• Enjoy every stage of parenting. If you’re rushing through one stage, what makes you think that you’ll enjoy the next?

Exerpted from Because Kids Don’t Come With Manuals®: Contemporary Advice for Parents by Tina Nocera


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  1. Kakie said

    I really like this post Tina. 🙂 I recently wrote about something similar on my blog called Putting Family First – How Do We Make It a Priority? and it places emphasis on the importance if ‘rituals’ in families.

    When my cousins were younger my aunt had each person in the family write on the same piece of paper, “What I love best about my family.” She took it and had it framed, then kept it in her kitchen for years It sort of became their family ‘mantra.’

    Your suggestions are good ones. Thanks for the post, it gave me something to think about.

    Warmest regards to you!

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