Take me to your shredder

I’m confused.

We understand the problems associated to childhood obesity and began to educate families and limit advertising unhealthy food choices to children.

But we are also faced with economic woes. Families are in debt and children are getting mixed messages about the concept of wants vs. needs leaving parents literally holding the bill.

To make matters worse, children are now the direct targets of credit card companies looking to give our children exactly what they don’t need – an entry to the never ending world of debt.

A number of years ago, I wrote the U.S. Treasury Secretary to suggest that unsolicited requests for loans are credit cards would be stopped. Initially my thought was to fight against identity theft. But as I noticed my children getting applications for credit cards. Great – let’s add this to the list of popular culture culprits that parents fight.

What the first thing you do when you find yourself in a hole? Stop digging.


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