About Parental Wisdom


Introducing Parental Wisdom – because kids don’t come with manuals

Imagine a place where you could be anonymous, ask all your parenting questions, and where you, the real expert in knowing your child best, is given opinions from multiple trusted, credible sources where you get to choose which advice works best for your child or unique situation. Imagine that it is free. You have a good imagination.

In addition to multiple answers, we will also include books and other websites that further respond to your question. Like your children, this concept is unique. Ours is patented; U. S. Patents 6,193,518 and 6,482,012.

To join, simply click the Become a Member Free button at the top. But please bear with us – we are just starting out, so understand that we will respond to as many questions as quickly as we can.

You’ll notice that there are no pesky pop-ups or banner ads (does anyone actually like those?) Over time, we will be adding sponsors that believe in the value of this concept. And we will respect your privacy and never, ever sell, rent or barter the information you give us. I look forward to our ongoing conversation.


Tina Nocera, Founder Parental Wisdom

Any blogs that can be accessed from Parental Wisdom’s blog have no relation to our content whatsoever.


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